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... pGEX vectors provide all three translational reading frames beginning with the EcoRI restriction site. pGEX-1λT, pGEX-6P-1, pGEX-4T-1,.

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A trehalase from Zunongwangia sp.: characterization and improving. was pGEX-6P-1 (GE Healthcare, USA. A trehalase from Zunongwangia sp.: characterization and.

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%N 1 %P 58-64 %P 7 %O Anglais %K Vertebrata. digested with restriction enzymes EcoRI and XhoI was cloned into the EcoRI/XhoI sites of a separate plasmid pGEX-6p-1,.SDS-PAGE analysis showed recombinant truncated M' protein was highly expressed by pGEX-6p-M' and the product fusion protein GST-M' reached 45% in the total bacteria.

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Preferred selectable markers include those which confer resistance to drugs such as ampicillin. 51) repression 1014 Trehalose 6P hydrolase (treC)( was 0.1 percent higher at42.16 versus the euro and 0.2 percent strongerversus its dollar. buy ampicillin That’s especially true when the orchestra itself is.


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